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NASA GEWEX Surface Radiation Budget

SRB/Data Format

Each data file contains an entire month of global fields of the parameters described in the SRB Data Products Section on an approximately 1° x 1° equal-area grid described in Global Geometry Resolution Section. The data files are in a binary format which can be read using software provided when ordering link to external site data. The files containing binary data are named according to the following convention:

srb_relN.n_WWWWwave_RRRRRR_yyyymm.fileformat, where:
srb - Project name, Surface Radiation Budget
relN.n - Release number for these data (e.g. N=3, n=0 --> Release 3.0)
WWWWwave - Name of the algorithm used to generated the data parameters,
(e.g. Longwave or Shortwave)
RRRRR - Time resolution of the data file,
(e.g. RRRRR = "3hrly" for instantaneous values every 3-hours, "daily" for daily averages, or "monthly" for monthly averages.)
yyyy - 4-digit year
mm - 2-digit month
fileformat - fileformat = binary, ascii or nc (netCDF, see note below)

The netCDF data files are on a 1° x 1° equal-angle grid.

More details regarding the data and file format is available in the readme files at the Atmospheric Science Data Center link to external site